Four Fathers & 3 Lucy’s

About 8 years ago the harbour district ‘Havenkwartier’ was given new life after years of neglect and economic decline. Local government offered young creatives like artists, designers and musicians the possibility to open shop in the old barracks. Low cost, rough neighborhood and basic infrastructure did the trick ,people started moving in establishing their own community, simular to more places in Europe at the time.
The change in destiny for the harbour district opened up the possibilities for serious action in public space and that’s where we come in.

Being part of that creative community and already active in the public domain we teamed up in 2011 as friends and colleagues by founding the Lucy COOP, with the aim of creating a public space which is more fun, more inspiring and more surprising.

The first project to start was the creation of 3 artistic designed sky loft residencies, Lucy in the Sky. Not your average urban retreat as we like to call them, but a place open to the public by means of a hotel function, rentable for the night. With these single room hotel units we could uplift the harbour area, contribute to the quality of the public space, give architects and artists an opportunity to co-work on a serious assignment and in the process of creation have lot’s a fun with our friends and share some beers & pizza.
Apart from the Lucy project we all have jobs connected to public space one way or the other. Timo got educated as urban designer and now owner of buro BESTWERK, Guido is working as initiator and organizer in arts & culture events , at this moment working at the Gigant musicpodium Apeldoorn. Albert and Paul are working as co-artist Spacecowboys with the emphasis on monumental sculptures in public space with the studio based in the Havenkwartier. So having presented ourselves it’s also good to know, we all share the same’ Do it yourselves’ mentality, which comes in handy dealing with stuff like building tools & materials.

With all the energy that’s floating around here, there’s more than spending it all at high end projects ,so at the same time we try to make our public space more private by organizing small local events,like the LustLust BBQ’s. Where friends, family, neighbours participate in Bring your own BBQ’s and having a good time, sharing foods, fun & music.