Lucy in the Sky is situated in the harbour district “Havenkwartier“ in Deventer an old medieval town, located in the east of the Netherlands with easy acces to the A1 (Amsterdam – Berlin).

The harbour area, Havenkwartier (east side of Deventer) is one of the most vibrant hotspots in the region. 20th century industrial buildings offer the perfect space to work and live for young creatives, visual artists, musicians, photographers and designers. The area hosts a various number of festivals, a restaurant but also a showroom for italian oldtimer cars where you can buy a classic Alfa Romeo just as easy as a good espresso. Young, urban residents have moved into the area to build there own houses. And even till today the harbour is in use by large container ships for overnight stops. The harbour is connected to the river IJssel by means of a floodgate and the center of town is easy rreachable by taking a stroll along the IJssel,  some believe it to be the most beautiful river in the Netherlands.

A 10 minutes walk will bring you to the downtown area of Deventer, one of the 5 oldest towns in the Netherlands. With a wide variety in cultural activities such as the theatre, music venue, cinema, musea , the largest openair book market and a spectacular international stelt / thetare festival, Deventer has a lot to offer. Culinary you can find high end restaurants for a special night out as well as great budget Italian style restaurants for an easy pizza and a bottle of wine. Shopping will bring you around many old and medieval narrow streets and alleys, where you can still find small and authentic shops packed with bric a brac mixed with great shops for contemporary design. At the end of the day enjoy a local beer at one of the terrasses at the Brink central square before returning to Lucy in the Sky…

Strolling through the Havenkwartier you will see the barges in the harbour, old grain elevators, barracks and more leftovers from it’s industrial past. It’s wide open terrain, it’s stony, sturdy and mostly cool also on a summers day. Wind is always present because of the cool open water and the presence of stony urban areas warmed by the sun.

The Havenkwartier was quarried in the 1928 to provide a better logistic & transport system for the city, which has a famous past as a Hanseatic town were trading over the river IJssel brought great wealth to it’s citizens. Walking through the small medieval streets, alleys and squares you still can observe great houses and buildings. But anyway we’re drifting off…

After the 1990’s the Havenkwartier area was in total neglect, it was an old worn out terrain, listed for demolition and redevelopment program. Due to economic turn of the tide all plans were cancelled in 2000. So what’s next…well, like in so many parts in Europe the old industrial area’s were given new live by inviting young creatives, artists, designers etc. to inhabit the old buildings and start new business. The project Lucy in the Sky is such a new business model, a startup founded by some young and some slightly older creatives, supported by a great number of Lucy friends. These friends, we like to call them, are in fact industries, corporations and organisations who fell in love with Lucy and wanted to be involved in the growth process. Describing the atmosphere in the area , I can say there’s a big ‘ Do it yourselve ‘ mentality , where locals are opening up shop and start their own bussines , with a high level of creative energy .

Ok, with all this new creative energy flowing into the Havenkwartier, also a new development plan designed by urban architect Andries Geerse from“ We Love the City “ was adopted by local governement and was implemented. This plan opened possibilities to start a project like Lucy in the sky and to improve, renew and enjoy public space. The rest is history.