Room Description

As a true ‘nomad’ this Lucy follows free space were ever there is. At this moment Lucy Nomad is located on a free lot in between a new build housing area. The intertwining of the powerful and sturdy imagery of Boris Tellegen and the high-tech architecture of Marc Maurer has achieved a literally peak at this point. The outside is made of weathered timber, but not just weathered by climatologic circumstances but by being trampled on by tens of thousands of feet. The timber used for the outer skin is the former floor of the infamous Alfa Tent of the LowLands Festival in the Netherlands.

Inside your experience will be spacious, because Nomad is the largest ‘Lucy’ of them all with over 25 m2 you can really run around the table (or the bed :-). Nomad is equipped with kitchen, shower and toilet so your stay here is a real retreat. Walls are al whitewashed, scandinavian style and typical for a wooden structure: clean but warm.The interior is in great contrast with the rough exterior. Build in a cubistic style, Nomad refers to famous dutch architects and artists like Mondrian and Rietveld. Its urban, robust but elegant. Part of the design is the use of solarpanelling on the outside, integrated in the design and directed south for maximum energy.

(photography: medea huisman)

A night’s stay at the Lucy Nomad includes

  • 160 cm double bed, Royal Auping Essential
  • nespresso machine
  • reception with la bottle of local wine & beer and some snacks
  • a natural breakfast inc. bread, orange juice, cheese, marmelade, coffee & tea etc.
  • audio (bluetooth)
  • 2 chairs + table
  • refrigirator